Neil & Joanne (Woodward) Bare -- Neil Baudin & Nancy Priest -- Jim Black & Mary Anne Rice -- Fred Blosch -- John & Ann (Treesh) Brooks --
Charles & Dot (Dotzler) Brown -- Jim & Dot (Johnston) Buchanan -- Jim & Charlotte (Hatch) Chambless -- Paul & Gayle (Brogdon) Crawford --
Ray & Joyce DeLoney -- Sonny & Mara (Lovett) Elliott -- Clint Frank & Ruth (Moreland) Sapp -- Bill & Betty Jean (Folks) Gadd --
Harlean Galipo & Richard Shealy -- Mike & Martha Sue (Irby) Hill -- Jack (J.B.) & Sally (West) Keel -- Ralph & Samelia (Cooper) King --
Betty (Voegtle) Larson -- Jack & Jean (Losch) Nesmith -- Forrest & Nancy (Blackmon) Perryman -- Richard Pickett -- John & Charlene (Erwin) Pogue --
Carswell Ponder -- Carl & Bettye (Johnston) Poole -- Edith (Elliott) Roberts -- Joe Ellen (DeVane) Rowe -- Reneau & Joyce (Arthur) Russell --
Bob & Ruth (Yearty) Schwamberger -- Don & Freida Shaulis -- John D. & Claudette (Sapp) Stephens -- Bob & Joyce (Fant) Swindle --
Buddy & Charleen (Perry) Yarborough -- Dusty & June (Hendrickson) Yaxley
~~~ Classmates and others in attendance are listed below however their names do not correspond to their positions in the photo ~~~
Hi there 1954 classmates and friends . . .

Needless to say Saturday a good time was had by all...folks started arriving early to get a head start on renewing old friendships...and sharing  [As Sonny
told me], we started off our conversations with operations, grandchildren, and vacations, seriously though...everyone really enjoyed being together again
and sharing with each other.

As usual, Donnie and Freida went the extra mile to make sure everything was clean, decorated and set up to the 9's. Their big porch is such a great place
to have us all together and be able to see everyone. It is so informal it just makes you feel like you're at home.[And that is exactly what the Shaulis' want you
to feel]

Mike, Martha Sue and their crew did a great job with BBQ chicken & ribs and all the fixings. The meat was so tender it just melted in your mouth.
We were blessed to have about 66 classmates and friends and the best thing was that we hadn't lost any classmates since our last luncheon. At our
"advanced" age, that is wonderful.

We're sorry that some of you couldn't make it but look forward to seeing you at the next get together.
 -- Mara